The bulthaup solitaire - freedom, functionality and individuality

Milan, April 2014 - Presented in surroundings that have been reduced to the bare minimum, bulthaup solitaires take center stage at the via Durini showroom. The solitaires meet humanity's growing need for greater individualization and choice. The solitaires can be placed anywhere in the room, alone or in combination with other bulthaup product lines - as the owner prefers.

As the solitaires can be utilized from all sides, preparing food in the kitchen becomes a completely new experience. Users can quickly and easily access all functional elements, no matter where they are standing. Everyone involved can play an equal part in the process. Shared activity and communication are the focus.

bulthaup b3: the kitchen living space

The universal bulthaup b3 design system encapsulates "state of the art” like no other. This system offers an incredibly wide range of versatile design solutions for perfect kitchens, as well as surprising solutions for functional and aesthetic changes to spaces that go beyond the kitchen work area.

bulthaup b3 design system offers unlimited design freedom. The elements of this system can be installed wall-hung, floorstanding or foot-supported, depending on how much storage space is needed. All three types of installation create the impression of a "floating” kitchen. bulthaup b3 is the design system that makes working and living in the kitchen easier and gives the entire kitchen a stylish, lightweight and floating appearance.


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bulthaup b3 interior system

With bulthaup b3 interior elements, you can showcase your creativity on a whole new stage. They break away from the conventionally rigid structures within drawers and pull-outs, and grant you the utmost freedom in your kitchen design.

The fantastically simple idea behind the interior elements allows you to reorganize the space within the drawers with ease and speed, time and again. There are countless possibilities for storing, tidying and positioning the items - you become the conductor of your own kitchen composition. Your ideas and personal cooking style are all that counts. Functionality fuses with intuition, and creates a completely new way of working. The result is a system that is adaptable, sensuous, and truly distinct. This way, you can arrange your cutlery, kitchen tools, utensils and accessories exactly as you wish.

bulthaup b2: kitchen workshop

bulthaup presents probably the most compact kitchen design of our time; a unique combination of kitchen workbench, kitchen tool cabinet and kitchen appliance housing cabinet. This exceptional solution combines elemental and clear form with rational and practical function, just like all truly great ideas.


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bulthaup b1: the essential kitchen

bulthaup b1 has been created and built for the growing number of individuals all over the world who appreciate design and high-quality products. It is a democratic design system in the greatest sense of the word, since it does not function as a prestige object, even though it may perhaps be perceived as such. Its design and functionality are precision-engineered, while the structure is clearly and simply pared down to the essentials, true to the principle of "timeless design, high-quality material and precision workmanship.”

If you do not want to accept any compromises in terms of aesthetics, of functional form, material suitability, and high-quality craftsmanship, and if you're also looking for an exceptional value for your kitchen, bulthaup has the solution.

bulthaup b1 sets a new international standard. bulthaup b1 is the essential kitchen.


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